The Premier Garnet Abrasive for Waterjet Cutting

ADIRONDACK HPX has a unique crystalline structure that causes it to fracture into sharp-edged grains while in use. No matter how small they are crushed, the crystals never have a blunt or worn edge. It is this self-sharpening characteristic that makes BARTON’s Adirondack Mountains mine the best source of industrial garnet in the world.

Mined, milled and processed to meet BARTON’s high-quality specifications, our tight, consistent control of particle size distribution maximises the performance of your waterjet operation with ADIRONDACK HPX.

ADIRONDACK HPX cuts faster, deeper and straighter than any other garnet.

Sharper Edges Cut Faster, Improve Productivity

Because of its sharp, more angular edges, HPX cuts faster than other garnet abrasives, empowering the operator to do more in less time.

Better Edge Quality Improves the Cut

HPX garnet abrasives produce a better edge quality and can be used in demanding applications where other waterjet abrasives fall short.

Less Dust Reduces Operator Risk

HPX garnet is the cleanest waterjet cutting media available.

Cleaner Operation Means Less Downtime

Superior hardness helps HPX produce less dust than any other waterjet abrasive. The result is a cleaner workspace and less downtime due to clogged jets or erratic abrasive feed.

Available throughout Europe in three standard grades

  • Provides the greatest versatility for a wide variety of applications
  • Offers fast cutting speed and good edge quality
  • Used by operators that value the flexibility of using one abrasive for a wide variety of applications
  • Materials: a wide variety, including all metals, composites, ceramics and stone
  • Offers superior edge quality and cutting speed
  • Used for net shape cutting applications to eliminate secondary finishing
  • Materials: steel, aluminium, glass, ceramics, laminates, composites and other brittle materials
  • Specialty grade for micro cutting
  • Used when a small kerf is desired
  • Materials: composites, printed circuit boards and fibre-optic cables

Standard packaging for ADIRONDACK HPX includes 25 kg paper bags, 1,000 kg big bags.

Read about the BARTON exclusive 4-step quality process including measures adopted by ISO, TQM, ANSI and ASQ.

BARTON’s warehouses are conveniently located throughout Europe.


Contact us for more information or to request a trial sample of our high-performance HPX waterjet abrasives.

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