BARTON Highest Quality Waterjet Abrasives

BARTON has a quality standard all its own — the highest in the industry. It is a standard that we strive to maintain every day through strict quality control.

We follow a rigorous, four-step, inline quality control process that eliminates the kind of factors that compromise the quality and performance of mineral abrasives—factors such as:

  • Moisture in the product

  • Inconsistent particle size

  • Ultra-fines and dust

  • Low purity due to non-garnet contaminants



ADIRONDACK HPX manufacturing processes include quality measures adopted from ISO, TQM, ANSI and ASQ. Quality control measures like these allow us to stand behind every product we sell with a 100% Quality Guarantee.

BARTON 4-Step Garnet Abrasive Processing

BARTON waterjet abrasives are processed to the highest quality level throughout the manufacturing process. Our four-step process ensures high purity, high quality and maximum productivity and performance from your waterjet.

You can trust that BARTON garnet waterjet abrasives are processed to achieve the highest possible quality, product purity, consistent particle size and maximum productivity for your waterjet operation.

That’s BARTON Quality. Tested. Trusted. Proven.