Choosing the right supply partner is an important action for a metal fabricator. A reputable waterjet manufacturer or abrasive supplier should assist a fabricator with determining the right abrasive type and grade. This aids in the selection of an abrasive that will maximise the performance of the waterjet cutting machine.

Expert advice. Expert consultation by a supplier includes helping fabricators evaluate a wide variety of different product factors, including the type and grade of abrasive that are best for the job.

Choosing the proper grade. Waterjet abrasives are available in a variety of grades, ranging from coarse (50 mesh) to very fine (230 mesh). Most waterjets use grades between 50 mesh and 120 mesh, with 80 mesh being the most widely used.

Delivery options. The supply partner should be capable of delivering waterjet abrasive in 25 kg or 1,000 kg bags. It also helps if the abrasive supplier can ship within 24 hours of receiving an order and has a warehouse nearby for one- to two-day shipping. This ensures timely deliveries and keeps freight costs as low as possible.